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Dr Tahseen Arshi


Dr. Tahseen Anwer Arshi, Associate Provost for Research and Community Service and Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the American University of Ras Al Khaimah, UAE, conceptualized, patented, and developed SECURE to aid entrepreneurial decision-making. Dr. Tahseen is an academician, researcher, and trainer. Dr. Tahseen is a Certified Entrepreneurship Educator and external reviewer with the Oman Academic Accreditation Authority (OAAA), National Academic Accreditation and Evaluation, Saudi Arabia, and Training and Quality Authority (BQA), Bahrain.

Dr. Tahseen specializes in designing and delivering technology-enhanced curricula, and his research interests are entrepreneurial behavior, start-up business models, and innovation. In addition, Dr. Tahseen is a quantitative researcher specializing in structural equation modeling and machine learning tests. Dr. Tahseen has authored several Scopus (Q1)-indexed publications in premium journals and case studies, published in Palgrave McMillan's bestselling entrepreneurship textbooks in the UK.

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The S.E.C.U.R.E. Framework is primarily developed by Dr Tahseen Arshi in collaboration with  Dr. Swapnil Morande (with Design support: of Mr Roshan Kolar.)

Dr. Swapnil Morande is a Data Scientist pioneering the integration of AI and advanced analytics for SECURE AI that synergizes  knowledge of entrepreneurship theory with cutting-edge Machine Learning (ML) to enable data-driven insights for startups. Recently awarded the title "Doctor Europaeus" by the European University Association, Swapnil holds a master's degree from Colorado State University, USA. With over a decade of global work experience in information systems, he has an outstanding record of developing technologically advanced initiatives.  

Swapnil is also a recipient of a grant under the ‘Programma Operativo Nazionale’ in the European Union. He has published over 50 national/international publications on Artificial Intelligence, related topics, and recent articles/pre-prints on  AI. Guided by the Medici Effect, he seeks to leverage design thinking and views informatics research through an eco-systemic lens in this age of digitization.

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