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Dr Tahseen Arshi


Dr Tahseen Arshi is an academic, researcher and trainer.

Dr Tahseen works as Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the American University of Rasal Khaimah, UAE.  He has received his doctorate from the University of Bedfordshire, UK and MBA from University of Wollongong, Australia. He also credited with M.Phil. MA, MA (in education) degrees from premier Universities in India. Dr Tahseen is a Certified Entrepreneurship Educator, awarded by the Ministry of Higher Education, Oman and is also External Reviewer with Oman Academic Accreditation Authority.


In terms of teaching, he specializes in designing technology enhanced curriculum.  His research interests are in the areas of corporate entrepreneurship and innovation and has authored a number of publications in premium journals published by Sage and Inderscience among others. He has authored entrepreneurial case studies, which are published in the bestselling entrepreneurship text books in the UK, published by Palgrave McMillan. He specializes in the development of quantitative scales, psychometric testing, expert systems and modelling using third generation statistics, including structure equation modelling.

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The SECURE Framework is primarily developed by Dr Tahseen Arshi in collaboration with Mr Kasi Viswanthan and Mr Swapnil Morande. (Design support by Mr Roshan Kolar.)

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